Difference between acne and pimple, causes and solutions

What is the difference between acne and pimple?

Pimple or Acne?
Are pimples and acne the same thing? Are there any differences between acne and pimple.
There are many people who don’t know the difference between pimple and acne. Let the difference, most of us don’t know that they are not the same things. They are different. These two words, “acne” and “pimple” are so often used interchangeably as words but the truth is they are different; they are not the same.

difference between acne and pimple

If you want to know the difference, then you must know what those are exactly.

In a single sentence, if I were to answer the difference between acne and pimple then I would say, acne is a broad term and pimple is a type of acne.
Ok. Let me give you some details about them.

What is Acne?

Let’s consider one term ‘graduation.’ In graduation, there are many streams like science, commerce, engineering, arts and etc.

So, the term “acne” is like the term ‘graduation’. Like graduation has many streams and departments, Acne is of many types. Now, I hope I cleared your doubt.

Skin cells, hair follicles and sebum bunch together to form a plug, and when this plug gets infected by bacteria, the resulting swelling is called acne. Acne is of two types-

  1. Acne vulgaris
  2. Acne Rosacea

The first type, Acne vulgaris is often seen in children during their puberty.
Acne Rosacea is adult acne and it is chronic in nature.
This acne can appear on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back.
There are many causes why acne does occur. If you want to read you can check out here.

What is Pimple?

When the skin pores suffer blockage on account of dead skin cells being held back by sebum, the pimple is created.

difference between acne and pimple

Difference between acne and pimple

                 ACNE                 PIMPLES
    1. Acne is a broader term.  1. Pimples are a part of acne.
    2. Any breakout on the skin is called acne.  2. Pimple is a type of acne.
    3. Acne is caused by the blockage of Follicles.  3. Pimples are caused by blocked skin pores.
    4. Acne can be enormous.                                             4. Pimple is milder.
    5. Acne may or may not have a head.  5. Pimple should have a head.
    6. Acne is painful.  6. Pimple is not painful unless it is severe.

difference between acne and pimple
Difference between acne and pimple

As I have earlier told you that Acne is of many types. Let’s have a look at its classification. Each and every type of acne, we see on people’s faces. We see on our faces. But little do we know their name. Acne is of many types. Some of them are-

            1.       Papules
2.       Cysts
3.       Nodules
4.       Pustules, commonly known as PIMPLES
5.       Whiteheads
6.       Blackheads

difference between acne and pimple
Types of Acne


difference between acne and pimple

Generally, the common cause of papules is the inflammation of the skin or Dermatitis. They are generally dome-shaped or may be flattened. They are actually very small and you can easily recognize them.
These are some conditions of Papule.
        1.       Candida Fungus
2.       Chicken Pox
3.       Eczema
4.       Allergic Eczema
5.       Necrotizing Vasculitis
6.       Acrodermatitis
7.       Leishmaniasis
8.       Accidental or By chance poisoning by soap products
9.       Leprosy
10.   Lichen Planus

Just don’t scrub when the Papules are on face or body. Contact a dermatologist.


difference between acne and pimple
A cyst is a noncancerous growth which is filled with air, liquid or other substances. They may grow anywhere in your body. There are different types of cysts.
            1.       Popliteal Cyst
2.       Epidermoid Cyst
3.       Ganglion
4.       Cystic Cyst
5.       Breast Cyst
6.       Pilar Cyst
7.       Ovarian Cyst
8.       Sebaceous Cyst
9.       Pilonidal Cyst
10.    Chalazia


difference between acne and pimple

The nodule is a small swelling or aggregation of cells in the body, especially an abnormal one. These are the areas, especially where Nodules grow.
            1.       Groin
2.       Neck and head region
3.       Armpits
4.       Lungs

There are different types of nodules.
1.       Thyroid Nodules
2.       Lung Nodules
3.       Lymph Node Nodules
4.       Vocal Cord Nodules

The main reasons for Nodules are -
1.       Hormones
2.       Infection
3.       Injuries
4.       Iodine Deficiency


difference between acne and pimple
We call it Pimples. It is a bump usually pus-filled or liquid filled bump. Pustules can happen anywhere in your body. Especially-
1.       Chest
2.       Back
3.       Neck
4.       Face
5.       Shoulders
6.       Underarms and etc.

The conditions of Pustules are different. Some conditions of Pustule are-

1. Scabies

2. Chicken Pox

3. Psoriasis

4. Rosacea

You must have known the difference between Acne and Pimple by now.


difference between acne and pimple
The name somehow appears to be linked with black and head. Exactly, blackheads are bumps whose surface looks black. It happened due to clogged hair follicles.
Different methods to treat Blackheads-

1. Manual Removal

2. Chemical Peels

3. Microdermabrasion

4. Prescription Medications

5. OTC- Over the counter treatments

The reasons for blackheads occurring are given below.


difference between acne and pimple
When oil, dirt and dead skin cells clog your pores, whiteheads started to develop on your skin. OTC products are used to treat whiteheads. Some are-

1. Benzoyl Peroxide

2. Retinoid Creams

3. Salicylic Acid

4. Exfoliants                                                                           

What are the causes of Acne?

difference between acne and pimple

If you have read all the things that are written above then you now know the difference between acne and pimple. If you want to know the causes of acne, then click here. Let’s discuss the reasons for acne in a brief.

1. Hormonal Changes

2. Genes

3. Smoking Stress

4. Alcohol Consumption

5. Periods (In Girls’)

6. Sleep Deprivation

7. Food habits (Acne causing Foods and Acne curing foods)

8. Medications

9. Oily Skin

10. Your Lifestyle

How to get rid of acne?

difference between acne and pimple

If you know the reasons for acne then you can get rid of acne easily. Finding the reason is not that difficult but to get rid of acne is. Here, I have discussed how to get rid of pimples overnight. Let’s have a look at how to get rids of pimples.

1. Drink adequate water

2. Sleep well

3. Wash your face using a facewash

4. Exfoliate your skin (Depending on your skin condition. Not mandatory though)

5. Apply sunscreen cream when you go outside

6. Stop smoking and drinking

7. Avoid acne causing foods

8. Eat Acne Curing foods

9. Take a bath after a workout

10. Don’t masturbate

Last Line

There is a difference between acne and pimple. They are not the same. So, I have tried to discuss different types of acne here. Now, one thing is clear. Pimple is a part of acne. Then, I discussed the reasons for acne and the different steps you should follow to overcome the problem.

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