Foods that cause acne- 8 Foods to avoid for acne-free skin

Which food you should not eat to avoid acne problems?

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In the previous article, I have already shared about pimples, why it happens and how to avoid this problem. We all know that our diet makes a lot of impact on our body growth. Don’t we?

Most of us don’t stick to a proper diet, that’s why we lack less or more nutrition, which directly or indirectly impacts on our body.

We can’t get the exact vitamin or nutrition from pizza, which we get from apples or other fruits or vegetables. I just took here an example. Understand what I’m trying to say.

We all know that oily foods are not good for our health still, we eat those spicy foods a lot just to satisfy our temporary desire. And what’s the result? We all know. Don’t we?

We all have different skin types and so the causes of pimples certainly vary. You can visit this article for more information. Please check out now.
Foods that cause acne

From my experience-

I have seen many people who have been suffering from chronic acne for 4-5 years and still couldn’t get rid of it using costly medicines, which are good for nothing. And, on the other side, there are some people who just get a pimple free face just by stick to a strict diet.

So, I’ll say the food you eat daily eat or so-called your diet can be a great solution. Let me tell you a very simple thing.

You know what you eat daily, starting from morning breakfast to supper/dinner at night. The food that you are habituated with might be a reason for your pimples. Yes. You only know that. Just think, when did you get those pimples. And now, if your skin condition is getting worse day by day just following the same food routine, then it’s time to change your food habit, my friend!

In this article, I am going to share a complete food list which you should not eat to avoid pimples. These foods cause acne.

Alcohol (Drinks)

Foods that cause acne
Alcohol is dangerous to our health. According to research, a person who consumes alcohol on a regular basis has a shorter life span, we all know that. Not only it does affect your liver, but also it damages your immune system in many ways. There are many types of drinks. Such as Clear Liquors, Dark Liquors, Mixed Drinks, Beer, White Wine, Red Wine, etc. These all types of liquors affect your skin. Dark Liquors and clear Liquors contain congeners and, they are low in calories, Mixed drinks contain furfural, red wine contains tannins. So, to get better skin, you should avoid drinks.

Food with several weird ingredients and preservatives

Foods that cause acne
When you buy packed food, many of you notice that there are some weird ingredients when you see the composition. Isn’t it? Processed food items are high in trans fats and saturated fats. Thus, it may increase the production of sebum in the skin. Which, in turn, leads to acne breakouts. That is why you should avoid food like salty and fatty foods, packaged chips and other packaged foods. These are not good for your health. These are the foods that cause acne.


Foods that cause acne

When pickles are made, you must have seen, they are added with oils, salts, spices, and other preservatives. Eating pickles on a daily basis or regularly can cause pimple problems. Among all the problems, high blood pressure, Ulcer, digestive problems are common. These are the foods that cause acne. It is advisable to eat pickles which are low on oils and salts. Better, if you can cut this for some time.

Oily foods

Foods that cause acne
The name “Oily food” suggests that these food are high in oils. I have earlier told that food which is high on oils are neither good for your body nor for your skin. And, unfortunately, if you have oily skin, then there is a high chance of not getting a pimple free face if you consume oily foods daily. So, avoid oily food as much as you can. It will be better for your skin and for your body.

High glycemic index food (sweets, simple carbs, soda etc.)

Foods that cause acne

Let me tell you first, what the glycemic food index actually is. These are actually carbohydrate food. They have the ability to increase the level of glucose in our blood. Research has shown that a person following a low glycemic diet has no acne problems. Those people who have low glycemic diet have lower levels of androgens in their blood. Less the glycemic diet, lesser the skin problems. Some examples of glycemic food are- sugar, syrup, ketchup, sodas, juices, white flour, soy products, sports drinks, cokes, processed food having hidden sugar, etc. These are the foods that cause acne. That means you have to avoid those foods, which a diabetes patient avoids. Got the point?

Lots of milk products, especially cheese

Foods that cause acne in adults

Right from childhood, we all know that milk is good for health as it contains all types of vitamins which are required for our health. True that. But remember during our childhood, we don’t have pimples. As we grow up, over time, we face the problem. According to research, milk can be a primary cause of acne. Little do we know that cow milk is loaded with Bovine and IGF-1 which are growth hormones. So, each time we consume milk, it negatively affects your skin health. Milk products are foods that cause acne. In addition to that, there is the androgenic effect of all milk products, which trigger problems on skin and hair. So, It’s advisable to avoid milk, if your skin is prone to acne.

Junk Food and fast foods

Foods that cause acne in adults

All over the world, parents tell their children to avoid junk food such as pizza, burger, too many chocolates, greasy and fried foods. Though avoiding this food can’t possible for most of us, still, we should not cross the limit. These are good for our tongues not for our body. So, in a broad sense, they are not good overall for our body. These are the foods that cause acne. Stay away from them as much as you can, if you want a pimple free face.


Foods that cause acne
In this article, I have discussed all the foods that cause acne. If not all, I have discussed most of the main foods. Basically, You have to refrain yourself from these foods. If you want a pimple free face, You have to avoid those foods. Stick to a anti-acne diet. There are many foods which help you in curing the acne problem. We all know that acne is not a lifelong problem. It happens for a short period due to hormonal change. With the proper diet and following other methods, you too can overcome this problem. Cheers.

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Source- Healthline, Stylecraze and Quora

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