How to lose weight in a week fast and naturally at home? Best 20 ideas

How to lose weight in 7 days or a week?

How to lose weight in a week? This is the question that few people don’t get its correct answer. Let me be honest. Losing weight in a week or 1 day or overnight is not that easy as daydreaming or eating your favorite dish. I don’t want to disappoint you but it’s the bitter truth. Losing weight takes dedication, consistency, sacrifice, and hard work. It’s a process. You know great things take time. There are a lot of supplements available in the market which claims to reduce your weight drastically when you use them. But, there is no scientific logic behind the supplements. They lack scientific evidence. There is also a plethora of meal replacement plans and diet plan on how to lose weight in a week, suggested by so-called self-claimed health expert, which also fail to do the job.
how to lose weight in a week

Let's understand.

First of all, you need to understand the science behind weight loss. When you understand it, you will face many doubts such as – Is there any side effect if I lose some weight in a week(or a few pounds in a week) and etc. Don’t worry. I will clarify all your doubts.

Coming to the point, Yes, it is actually possible to lose around 4.5 KG(10 pounds) in a week if you follow this effective diet plan and other things that are mentioned below. But, first, understand the science behind weight gain and weight loss.

The science behind weight gain and weight loss

Many of you must have familiar with the word called “Thermodynamics”. Right? Weight loss and weight gain, these two things, revolved around your energy balance. So, your body loses its weight according to thermodynamics. When your body is in a stage where it has “-ve energy balance” that implies you are spending more energy than you are taking in and the vice-versa is also true. When this happens, your body depends upon on its glycogen, stores of fat and muscle as fuels. So, this results in a loss of body mass. Let me make it simpler for you.
How to lose weight in a week

By causing a caloric deficit, your body loses weight. That means it can be done by either expending more energy than you ingest(by physical activities) or reducing caloric intake (eating fewer calories than you actually need).  Suppose you need 1800 Kcalories to maintain your current weight. If you eat or consume 1800 Kcalories every day than there will be no change in your weight. You will be stable. Suppose, You consume 1200 Kcalories every day, eventually, you will lose weight. And if you consume 2500 Kcalories per day than you will gain weight.

So, how to lose weight in a week? There are many ways. Let’s discuss what are the possible methods to lose weight in a week or 7 days.

How to lose weight in a week?

The first and foremost thing is planning. You need a plan beforehand. What to eat and what not to eat, how much time you should devote to exercise and everything for seven days. And don’t take it as a burden. Enjoy it. Enjoy the process. The journey is more beautiful than the destination.

Drink water before Meal

First thing first.

Many of us drink water after finishing the meal. After drinking the water, if I would ask you to eat another meal, would you be successful in eating the whole meal? Perhaps No. That’s why it is advisable to drink at least 500 ml water half an hour before eating a meal. Because it will help you in eating fewer calories and losing 44% more weight than the other people who don’t drink water before the meal.
How to lose weight in a week

Do you know drinking water can boost your metabolism by 25-30% in 1-1.5 hours? Hence, in a way, it helps you to born a few more calories. This is the most important tips on how to lose weight in a week.

Cut back on carbs and sugars

Everyone you will ask about how to lose weight in a week will advise you to cut back on sugars. This is, no doubt, absolutely correct. When you cut down carbs and sugars in your diet, you will feel less hungry compared to earlier. Hence, you will start taking fewer calories.
How to lose weight in a week

And now your body starts using stored fats instead of burning carbs. This is not the only benefit you get, another benefit that you will get is it lowers your insulin level, which results in your kidneys to shed out excess water and sodium out of your body. So, how to lose weight in a week? Cut back on carbs and sugar.

Eat low carb vegetables, protein, and fat

Your diet plan must include low carb vegetables, fat, and protein. The recommended carb intake is 20-40 gm per day. Ketosis is the optimal hormonal environment to burn fat. How to lose weight in a week naturally? To lose fat stick to this mentioned below.
How to lose weight in a week

Low carb vegetables-

There are many low carb vegetables which you can add to your diet if you are planning to lose weight in 7 days. For instance, some low carb vegetables are-

  1. Cauli Flower
  2. Spinach
  3. Cucumber
  4. Swiss chard
  5. Kale
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Lettuce
  8. Cabbage
  9. Broccoli
  10. Mushrooms and etc.


Protein is the king of nutrients among all when it comes to losing weight. Eating protein can boost your metabolism 80-100 calories/day. Some foods which are high in protein, as well as help in reducing weight, are-

  1. Chicken
  2. Beef
  3. Lamb
  4. Egg
  5. Pork
  6. Shrimp
  7. Salmon
  8. Trout and etc.


Don’t forget to add fats to our diet plan. You have no idea in what way they can help you reduce your body fat. There are many fats which can do the work. For example,

  1. Butter
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Avocado Oil
  4. Olive Oil

Add Vitamin C to your diet

Never underestimate the benefits of Vitamin C. People will suggest you many vitamins for weight loss but often they fail to notice the job of Vitamin C. People who are deficient in Vitamin C it is harder in their part to lose their fat mass as it will take longer time.
How to lose weight in a week
According to “The Journal of theAmerican College and Nutrition” which was published in 2005 says that Vitamin C intakes are associated with lower body mass indexes. The author also suggested that getting a sufficient amount of Vitamin C increases body fat oxidation during moderate-intensity exercise. Therefore, Vitamin C deficiency can hinder your weight loss. How to lose weight in a week? Now the question is what is the Vitamin C food that one should take to lose weight in a week? There are many foods, For instance-

  1. Oranges
  2. Kiwis
  3. Grapes
  4. Lemons
  5. Berries and etc.

Eat Whole grain foods

When You are planning to lose weight in a week, then it is better to stick to whole grain foods. Whole grain foods are the healthiest foods. Why someone should eat these foods? Because, after you eat these foods, it takes more time to digest compared to other general foods. When You eat these foods, you feel full for longer and you don’t crave for more foods. Avoid foods which are highly processed. So how to lose weight in a week? Eat whole grain foods.
How to lose weight in a week

Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is full of antioxidants. The most useful antioxidants among them are Catechins. These Catechins work synergistically with caffeine to increase fat burning. Scientists have found that Catechins boost metabolism and reduce body fat. Hence, in a way, can help you in losing your body weight.
How to lose weight in a week

Try Intermittent Fasting

You have perhaps this question in your mind that what is intermittent fasting? Let me tell you. This a very simple term and it means a pattern of eating which involves short duration fasts and eating meals within a shorter time period during the day that means you just have to alternate the cycles of fasting and eating. There are many intermittent fasting research website available on the internet. Simply search intermittent fasting for weight loss or intermittent fasting science or intermittent fasting coffee. You will get many results on intermittent fasting.
How to lose weight in a week

Studies have found that intermittent fasting is effective for continuous calorie restriction as well as effective for weight loss. When you do intermittent fasting, it might reduce the loss of muscle mass which is associated with low-calorie diets. The most common intermittent fasting methods include-

  1. The 16/8 method- Fast for 16 hours at a stretch and eat during an 8-hour window
  2. ADF (Alternate Day Fasting)- Fast on every alternate day
  3. The 5:2 diet- Fast on 2 days of every 7 days

Don’t touch Junk Foods or any fast foods

If I would offer you a slice of pizza perhaps you would not refuse. Right? But that should not happen in this case where you want to lose weight in just a week. Cut those junk foods, fast foods, and oily foods from your diet.
How to lose weight in a week
Junk foods are high in calories and do not contain the nutrients which your body needs. The fat (here this is not healthy fat), salt and sugar which are in the junk foods harm your body. Excess sugar and fat accumulate and then it causes you in weight gain. You can’t see the instant result. But it happens. So better, it is advisable to cut down those junk foods if you are serious about losing your weight. So, how to lose weight in a week naturally? Avoid junk foods as much as possible.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

You perhaps have seen people who go to the gym daily eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Why? Because these fruits and vegetables have many properties. The people who go to the gym they have a different reason and we have a different reason. Ours is, we want to lose weight in a week.
How to lose weight in a week
Believe me, they are very effective in losing weight. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of fibers though few calories. They have a very high water content which gives them very low energy density, making them very filling.  This is a study which shows that people who eat vegetables and fruits tend to weigh less. So this is another answer to your question on how to lose weight in a week.

Eat healthy snacks                 

Who doesn’t love snacks? Do you know what is the problem? We, generally, eat those snacks which we are supposed to stay away from. See. This is the problem. Instead of any kind of snacks, you should stick to a healthy snack. Snack, which is full of nutrition.
How to lose weight in a week
Choose snacks which have low calories and nutritious in nature. A simple google search will bring you many results. Still, here are a few examples-

  1. Fruits
  2. A plain Popcorn

Reduce water retention of your body

There are many methods by which you can drop your water weight and appear leaner than usual. Few of them are-

  1. Drink Coffee- Coffee contains caffeine. Many studies have found that caffeine can help in lose excess water and burn fat. So, if you drink coffee daily, you will start to see the result.
  2. Dandelion Extract- The root of dandelion, a type of soluble fiber, is rich in carbohydrate insulin. So, use a dandelion extract.
    How to lose weight in a week

Good sleep every night

This may seem like a useless point. But this is not. You just can’t ignore the power of good sleep. Poor sleep affects your hormones. Research has found that those who sleep very well don’t crave for many foods. They eat fewer calories. Also, poor sleep causes depression and stress and you get fat. How to lose weight in a week?  It’s advisable to take a good sleep at night, if you are keen to lose your weight in just 7 days.
How to lose weight in a week

Change your habits, lifestyle

In the modern world, few people, say ten out of ten lakh, hardly pays attention to what they eat. Nowadays everyone is busy. Some for office, some for household work and some for other reasons. So, people spend very less time on the dining table in a day. I don’t want to say that one should devote a half day near the dining table. What I want to tell is one should pay attention to the food and enjoy the experience. One should not watch tv or engage himself in scrolling the never-ending stuff on the social platforms. How to lose weight in a week? You have to take care of the following things if you want to lose weight.
How to lose weight in a week

  1. Take meal on a smaller plate- Studies have shown that when you eat your meal on a smaller plate you tend to eat less. Hence low-calorie intake which results in weight loss.
  2. Eat slowly- I have said that one should enjoy the process. Chew the food well. Eating slowly can make you preventing over-eating.
  3. Avoid distractions while eating- Say No to your mobile phones, laptops or tv while you are eating.
  4. Don’t talk while eating- It’s advisable not to talk while you are taking your meal.
  5. Sit down to eat- Eating while you are standing is perhaps a bad practice. So, while taking your food, sit down and eat.

Have soup on a regular basis

A study which was conducted at Pennsylvania State University found that consuming low dense energy soup helps in decreasing your calorie intake and speed the weight loss. Having soup before taking your meal can curb your appetite and you will eat less. This soup can be of any type among vegetable soups, tomato soup or chicken soup.
How to lose weight in a week

Stop smoking and drinking

I can’t  give more solid answer on this question “how to lose weight in a week” than this. Perhaps this is the most difficult job for the person who is habituated to smoking and drinking. But if you are serious to drop a few pounds then it’s time to say goodbye to those practices. In fact quit smoking and drinking.
How to lose weight in a week

Sex often

Hello there, if you are single then, of course, you can skip this. According to research, having intercourse more than thrice in a week help you in losing some weight. Just do healthy sex. Don’t overdo it.
How to lose weight in a week

Do some yoga

You all perhaps know how Yoga benefits your body. When you do yoga you actually come to know what you are doing. You monitor your life. You forge a strong body-mind connection. So every time when you are eating you will come to know when you are full and you will not overeat. How to lose weight in a week? Here are a few yogas which you should try to lose weight fast naturally at home.
How to lose weight in a week

  1. Do Vajrasana after eating- Vajrasana is known for its help in digestion. So if you have good digestion then it leads to perfect weight management. This Vajrasana burns extra fats around your middle portion of your body.
  2. Do Kapalbhati- Doing kapalbhati has a lot of advantages. This is a simple breathing technique. By doing this you can easily lose your weight.
  3. Halasana
  4. Naukasana
  5. Bhujangasana and other Yogas you can try.

Lift more weights

Just join a gym and lift more weights. First of all, it will help you in burning your body calories and fats. And it will also help in building lean muscles. The more the muscle the quicker the metabolism.
How to lose weight in a week


What is HIIT? HIIT means High-Intensity Interval Training. How to lose weight in a week by doing this? When you do this, It reduces your muscle carb stores and provides greater benefits in losing weight. In high-intensity interval training, you should do each sprint for at least 30 seconds. If this is not your cup of tea, then you should do cardio workouts like walking, jogging, running, swimming and cycling and etc.
How to lose weight in a week

Do exercise in the morning

I will not say that there is something wrong with doing exercise in the evening. But doing exercise in the morning has its own advantages over doing exercise in the evening. When you do exercise in the morning, according to research, you get quality sleep at night. Hence, in a way, it helps you in losing your weight. So, how to lose weight in a week? Last tips, do exercise in the morning.
How to lose weight in a week


What we learn is someone who wants to lose his/her weight can accomplish his/her goal by two methods. One is, by less calorie intake and the second one is by expending more calories.

I personally don’t encourage someone to lose his/her weight in a week and after one week, again come back to the previous stage. Losing your weight takes time. So One should be consistent. Don’t search “how to lose weight in a week”, or "how to lose weight fast and easy" or "how to lose weight fast with exercise" on google. You will get tons of results. These will not work unless you do. What you need to do is, start doing now. No excuses. Be consistent. All the Best.

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