101 Health Benefits of Amla(Indian Gooseberry) and Amla Juice

101 Benefits of Amla and Side effects of Amla

Benefits of Amla? Are there any benefits of Amla? Well, if you are one of the people who think about whether there are any benefits of Amla, then I want to tell you one thing. Read this article till the end. Your all doubts regarding Amla and whether it has any benefits or Amla benefits and side effects or benefits of Amla juice will be cleared. First of all, let’s know what is Amla?

The word Amla is a king itself. It is also called the Indian gooseberry. Lest it would be misunderstood, let me clarify why I called it king. First thing first, You can use Amla’s leaves, fruits and other parts for your own benefits. You can eat it as a fruit. You can make many recipes using amla. And, needless to say, there are many benefits of Amla. Actually, Amla is a tree. And, it is in the family of Phyllanthaceae. But, if you observe, you will get to know that Amla fruit is of great benefits. There are many benefits of Amla. There are many benefits of Amla juice as well. Starting from the hair, skin to different kinds of diseases, it is of great use. There are also many medicines, which are prepared by using Amla. Generally speaking, you can use Amla in your daily activities to combat most of your health problems.
Benefits of amla

Amla and Amla Juice side effects

Amla is natural and it is a great source of Vitamin C. It is full of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, irons, nutrients and etc. So, if you ask me about amla juice side effects, then I will show you all the positive side effects that you will come to know after a few days of using of Amla or Amla juice. Amla also contains different acids which play a crucial role as anti-microbial namely kaempferol, ellagic acid, flavonoids, gallic acid and etc. As it is naturally obtained, there are no questions of composition or ingredients. After continuing the usage of amla, you will come to know all the benefits of amla and amla juice side effects. Let’s dig into it. First, we are going to know what are the overall benefits of amla then we will know it for different health problems separately.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Overall benefits of amla and amla juice

  1. Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C, minerals and anti-oxidants.
  2. Relieves Bronchitis
  3. It cures a sore throat.
  4. Acts as a Diuretic
  5. It is nutritionally rich
  6. Contains Phytochemicals which protects from cell damages
  7. Supports Cognitive Function
  8. Relieves Asthma
  9. It is a powerful rejuvenating agent
  10. Reduces Fat
  11. Increases Diuretic Activity.
  12. Keeps bones healthy.
  13. Amla Juice is a Cooling Agent
  14. Strengthens teeth.
  15. Aids in Calcium Absorption
  16. Strengthens nails
  17. Amla has a beneficial effect on respiratory disorders
  18. Reduces Triglyceride Levels in the Blood
  19. Prevents Jaundice and Scurvy
  20. It is anti-fungal
  21. Amla promotes homeostasis
  22. Has positive effects on the cardiovascular system
  23. Amla Can Help Treat Dyspepsia
  24. Increases Metabolic Activity
  25. Prevents Heart Diseases
  26. Prevents Lice
  27. Treats Intestinal Problems
  28. Amla Reduces Coughing (Antitussive)
  29. Dissolves Kidney Stones.
  30. Amla Increases Wound Healing
  31. Amla Reduces Fever
  32. Reduces Risk of Gall Bladder Stone
  33. Increases metabolic activity.
  34. presence of chromium in Amla prevents plaque formation in the blood vessels
  35. Keeps the urinary system healthy.
  36. It’s Iron content ensures more oxy-haemo circulation.
  37. Provides nourishment to nerves.
  38. It is a scalp cleanser.
  39. It prevents infection.
  40. Maintains a lipid profile.
  41. Helps in losing body weight.
  42. Amla prevents Ulcers.
  43. Also Amla juice detox regimen
  44. Amla enhances protein synthesis of body
  45. It boosts metabolism
  46. Helps in faster digestion.
  47. Natural hair color
  48. It also treats scalp conditions.
  49. Prevents split ends due to rich in protein
  50. Strengthens hair.
  51. Removes dandruff from hair.
  52. It reduces hair fall.
  53. Prevents premature hair greying.
  54. It also accelerates hair growth.
  55. Cures Anemia
  56. Brightens the skin complexion.
  57. Astringent in Nature.
  58. Anti-Viral in Nature
  59. Restores Skin Firmness
  60. Tightens the skin.
  61. Remove wrinkles and dead cells.
  62. Exfoliates And Cleanses Skin
  63. It boosts collagen production.
  64. It prevents from aging.
  65. Repairs damaged skin cells.
  66. Helps in removing dark spots, blemishes.
  67. Enhances the production of norepinephrine.
  68. It increases memory retention power.
  69. Amla is a good anti-inflammatory agent.
  70. It solves acidity problems in the stomach.
  71. Amla prevents from gastric ailments
  72. It helps in better digestion.
  73. Eating Amla can improve eyesight.
  74. Amla prevents cataract.
  75. Reduces the inflammation of eyes.
  76. It prevents tooth decay and cavities.
  77. Prevents bad breath.
  78. It promotes oral health.
  79. Amla battles smoking damage.
  80. It has liver protection action.
  81. Promotes Liver Health.
  82. Reduces Cholesterol Levels.
  83. Amla reduces the blood cholesterol level
  84. It strengthens heart muscles.
  85. Amla helps in the god insulin absorption.
  86. Controls blood sugar.
  87. Has Anti-Cancer Properties.
  88. Prevents Constipation.
  89. It increases sperm count.
  90. Increases sexual desire.
  91. It increases hemoglobin.
  92. Helps to widen the blood vessel.
  93. Reduces the chance of high BP.
  94. Also, it reduces the chance of hypertension.
  95. It reduces PMS symptoms.
  96. Amla also cures leucorrhoea.
  97. It also purifies the blood.
  98. Improves Appetite
  99. It is rightly said that 1 Amla=10 Apple
  100. It is a vital ingredient of Triphala (Harida, Bahada, Amla:
    Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki )
  101. Has a lot of benefits in sexual health
    benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla for weight loss

If you ever come across amla juice weight loss reviews, you will be amazed to know that amla does wonders when it comes to weight loss. Amla is a kind of fruit which is loaded with a lot of antioxidants and nutrients. When you consume Amla juice it boosts our metabolism in your body and helps your body to flush all the toxins which were in your body. Amla juice detox regimen. And last but not least, it enhances your protein synthesis in your body.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Totally, it boosts your metabolism and makes your digestion faster. Right from the ancient times, there is the use of Amla juice. You can use Patanjali Amla juice for weight loss. So, yes, there are a lot of benefits of amla. It will help you if you want to lose weight. But remember, drinking only amla juice will not do the job, you have to do some workout also. You should give it a try.

Benefits of Amla for Hair                  

There are many amla hair oils which is available in the market. You might have many doubts as what are the benefits of using Amla oil on hair. Right? The first and foremost important thing is it strengthens your scalp and your hair. Then there is no chance of loss of hairs. And previously, if you have met with gradual hair loss, then using amla juice stimulates hair growth. So, there is no need to do any type of costly hair transplantation.
benefits of amla and amla juice

One more important thing is it removes dandruff. If you start eating Amla or apply amla oil on your hair, then your hair becomes smooth, thick, dark and strong. Also, regular using of amla or amla juice or amla oil helps you in treating different hair problems such as split ends, hair loss, hair loss and etc. Amla is anti-oxidant in nature. So, whenever you apply Amla oil on your hair, it induces sleep and prevents premature hair graying. So, there are a lot of benefits of amla for hair (gooseberry benefits for hair).

Benefits of Amla for skin

There are a lot of health benefits of amla for the skin. As I have earlier said, Amla is full of anti-oxidants. And, It is rich in Vitamin-C. So, whenever you develop a habit of drinking amla juice, you will get to see the benefits of Amla that your skin is gradually brightening. So, amla brightens your complexion. Along with it, Amla helps in boosting the collagen production in the skin. So, your skin becomes tight and youthful. One more important thing, if you have an acne prone skin or you have got a lot of pimples, then applying amla juice with cotton on your face helps you in the get rid of acne and pimple problems fast. Also, amla is a natural blood purifier. Amla slows down the collagen degradation when it is taken in an empty stomach in the morning. In addition to that, Amla is rich in Vitamin-A. So, it prevents aging.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Amla or gooseberry has astringent properties. That is why it works as a natural exfoliator. Hence it removes wrinkles, dead cells, soothes your skin and enhances your skin brightness. It also repairs your damaged skin cells as well. If you have any marks on your face, then you can use amla juice. It will help in removing dark spots, blemishes on your skin and make your skin youthful. Hence, we can say there are a lot of benefits of amla for the skin.

Benefits of Amla for brain

There are many benefits of amla for the brain. Do you know there are a lot of medicinal uses of Amla? When it comes to the benefits of amla for the brain, Indian gooseberry or amla do wonder. Amla is full of anti-oxidants and vitamin-c. Hence, it naturally enhances the production of norepinephrine, which is also called neurotransmitter thus it enhances brain activity and mood. It increases memory retention power. A research which was held in 2016 found that amla decreases the levels of acetylcholinesterase, which is an enzyme associated with Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps to get relief from stress and insomnia. We can say that there are a lot of health benefits of amla for the brain.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla for Digestive System and stomach

We all are aware of the fact that amla is a good anti-inflammatory agent. So, when a person consumes amla, he gets it solved with his acidity problem in the stomach. There are many ways by which you can consume or intake amlas such as drinking the amla juice or eating the sun-dried amla and etc. You also get relief from the burning sensation of the abdomen which is also called hyperchlorhydria, when you intake amla. It provides relief from acidity. Amla improves good digestion in our body by absorbing more nutrients from food. You can’t ignore the benefits of amla in the digestion.
benefits of amla and amla juice

 In addition to it, amla prevents gastric ailments. If you are a gastric patient, then my one free advice is to intake amla. It will work as an antidote for your stomach. As amla has anti-inflammatory property, it will reduce the gastric problems. Due to the laxative properties that Amla has, it is a very good option for the home remedy for dysentery, constipation, diarrhea and etc.  We can conclude that there are a lot of benefits of amla for digestive system and stomach.

Benefits of Amla for Eyes

Amla is rich in vitamin-c, which is very much important for the eyesight. When you consume amla daily, it improves your eyesight. Better when you take amla juice with honey, it will give you the expected result. The doctor advises to drink amla juice because it prevents cataract. It damages the free radicals that keep your eyes stay away from cataracts. It also makes your eye muscle stronger. Over time you will realize it. It reduces the inflammation of eyes. It reduces the itching, watering, and redness of the eye and makes your eyesight improved. You just can’t ignore the benefits of amla for eyes.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla for oral health

Amla or Indian gooseberry also helps in promoting oral health. The Vitamin-C and other nutrients in amla can help in strengthening the gums, supporting the connective tissue health, combat bacteria in the mouth and prevent tooth decay and cavities. Additionally, it prevents bad breath. Thoroughly chew 1 to 2 amla fruit daily. Also, you can prepare a mouth by rinse by mixing a tablespoon of amla juice in half cup of water. Rinse your mouth with this solution once daily. It also makes your teeth stronger. Nowadays, there is a lot of ayurvedic toothpaste which is made of amla combined with other natural products such as Patanjali toothpaste. This toothpaste has no side effects and it helps in making your teeth stronger. So, yes, there a few benefits of amla for teeth also.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla for lungs and lever

There are a lot of people who smoke and drink. Some of them are aware of their inner health and some of them even don’t know the side effects of drinking and smoking. Drinking and smoking are injurious to your health and it badly damages your lungs. According to research, Indian gooseberry or amla battles smoking damages. Male albino rats are divided into four groups such as Group-A, Group-B, Group-C, Group-D. The Group-B rats, which is the 2nd group, exhibited oxidative damage to the liver and lungs. This is a research-based article which was published in 2008, where you can find the minute details. Amla has also the ability to boost immunity and liver-protection action. Hence, there are a lot of benefits of amla for lungs and lever.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla for Heart

By inhibiting the oxidation of Thiobarbituric Acid, which is also popularly called TBA, Amla reduces the blood cholesterol level or LDL(Low-Density Lipoprotein) along with VLDL and triglycerides in the body. Which in return prevents many dangerous diseases like heart stroke and heart disease. LDL causes coronary artery disease by releasing free radicals. When you intake amla, it effectively controls the oxidation of LDL and stops you being suffered from many diseases.

Consuming Amla directly or amla juice or sun-dried Amla strengthens the heart muscles and gradually improves the body resistance. Atherosclerosis means the accumulation of plaques in the arteries, which causes different heart diseases. When you intake Amla, it helps in preventing accumulation and there is no risk. Thus, there are a lot of benefits of amla for the heart.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla for Diabetes                

Too much sugar in the blood ultimately causes diabetes. Amla is known for controlling pancreatitis which eventually manages the blood sugar level of our body effectively. Amla helps in the god insulin absorption which reduces the blood sugar ultimately. Amla is also rich in polyphenol and it helps to control diabetes effectively and complications of diabetes as well. Amla is a source of the mineral chromium, which regulates the carbohydrate metabolism and helps your body to respond to the insulin level well and reduces the glucose level.
benefits of amla and amla juice

If you are a diabetes patient, you must try amla. You can consume it as a fruit. You can consume it as juice. You can consume the amla powder adding with water. Amle ka murabba is a popular delicacy widely prepared in Indian households. You can try it also. You will get the result if you maintain the consistency.

Benefits of Amla for cancer

There are many diseases in the world, which are completely incurable. Cancer is one of them. We all know that there are many types of cancers. In this field, the benefits of amla are unparallel. Studies have shown that Amla doesn't just fight cancer cells but it decimates them.  This was proven against six different types of cancers such as lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and colorectal cancer. The vitamin C in Amla berry is actually 12 times stronger than synthetic vitamin C and it's stable due to the content of polyphenols. it's an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-everything except anti-health analog protects your DNA from heavy-metal damage. It significantly raises intracellular levels of superoxide dismutase. It has around a thousand milligrams of vitamin c per 100 grams where oranges for example only have 138.

Amla berry, the Indian gooseberry, it's great stuff for the cancer disease and may it decimates cancer cells in the right situation.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla for fertility and male sex life

Eating Amla or gooseberries uplift the overall stamina and mood of the man. It arises more sexual desire. Eating amla or drinking amla juice also increases the sperm in the body. It also helps in maintaining the temperature in the scrotum. There are many people who are infertile. They try and fail. After consulting with a doctor, they come to know about the infertility problem. Leave it aside, eating amla also helps you in your fertility. Amla is rich in iron content and hence it enhances your sperm count and hemoglobin. Yes. There are a few benefits of amla for fertility.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla for high blood pressure

As amla is a rich source of vitamin-c, it can help you in widening the blood vessel and reduce the blood cholesterol levels. Research has proved that amla is very much effective in lowering high blood pressure. Doctors also advise drinking amla juice adding with water in an empty stomach every morning. Nose bleeding, headache, facial flushing, and dizziness are the early signs of blood pressure and hypertension. If you consume or drink amla juice daily in an empty stomach, then you can cure this high BP problem.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla in Menstrual Cramps

We all know about amla nutrition value. Every woman faces the menstrual cramps problem in every month. It is very difficult in their part to get a permanent solution for this. Eating Indian gooseberry or amla reduces PMS symptoms. Amal contains different vitamins, iron, minerals which eases cramps and menstrual pain. It also helps in regulating the blood flow. It also helps you to get some relief from PCOs. It also cures leucorrhoea when amla is taken with honey. We all knew the benefits of amla for menstrual cramps.
benefits of amla and amla juice

Benefits of Amla during pregnancy

Amla is rich in micronutrients. If you have any question in your mind such as whether eating amla during pregnancy is safe or not, then I can tell you, Yes. It is safe. Research has found that there are no side effects. It relieves constipation and normalizes blood pressure when eaten daily. It purifies the blood and prevent anemia and helps to maintain normal hemoglobin level. Amla is rich in vitamin C and other sources. So, it keeps your health well during pregnancy. So, there a lot of benefits of amla during pregnancy.
benefits of amla and amla juice


We all knew that there are a lot of benefits of amla, starting from hair to cancer and beyond. The important thing is its usage. One can use the Indian gooseberry or amla in different ways. Amla juice is one of them. One can eat direct fresh amla fruit. One can eat amla powder adding with water. If one consumes amla on a daily basis, then he/she can cure the disease.


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