Cobra Pose Benefits : Bhujangasana Benefits

Cobra Pose Benefits : Bhujangasana Benefits 

Practicing the posture of the cobra will help strengthen and stretch the back. In turn, it will allow us to decrease cervical tension caused by stress.

Cobra Pose Benefits : Bhujangasana Benefits

The posture of the cobra is one of the basic asanas of yoga, because it is present in different routines or greetings. In yoga postures, the cobra and its benefits help achieve balance between body and mind.

The posture of the cobra and its benefits

Bhujangasana or posture of the cobra owes its name to the snake cobra and its position when attacking. In India, the cobra is a sacred animal because it represents the strength and cunning of the snake.
Yoga is based on the theory and practice of Hinduism. In this culture, animals are part of the perfection of the world. Yoga postures seek a balance between the earthly and spiritual. In yoga, technique is important, but it is not everything, because concentration during class will be essential.

In Hatha Yoga or dynamic yoga, the sun salutation is performed, which is a dynamic routine that allows the body to be energized. During the execution of the sun salutation, the posture of the cobra will be a transition movement between one asana and another.
The posture of the cobra is also known as dog 2, the names are synonymous in yoga. Also, no matter how advanced you are in the yoga class: this position will be present in the routine. It is good for both beginners and experts, and its execution helps to release tension in the back.
The cobra and its benefits will mainly help to align the back. In the execution of the posture not only this area is worked, but the movement involves other parts of the body.
Next, we will explain how to make the cobra and its benefits for the body.

How is the posture of the cobra made?

  • To start the posture of the cobra you should relax and lie on the mat. The cobra is a simple position to execute, these are the steps to do it:
  • To start, lie on your stomach or abdominal ulna. Place the body on the mat and release the tensions.
  • Then, stand with your forehead resting on the floor and your legs extended. Keep your knees firm and your feet on tip, sticking the tops to the ground.
  • Rest the palm of your hands towards the pelvic region.
  • Inhale and press the ground with firm palms. You must open your fingers to maintain the stability of the body.
  • Then, inhale and lift the body from the ground from the trunk and up to the pubis in contact with the ground. Keep your posture with the weight on your legs and palms.
  • Contract the perineum, buttocks and thighs for stability. This will prevent you from shivering while performing the posture.
  • Breathe deeply and then raise your head looking towards the ceiling.
  • Next, hold the posture of the cobra for 20 seconds. Hold the air, then breathe normally and exhale.
  • Bend your elbows and lower your arms to the mat. Then the trunk rests on the ground.
  • Finally, go back to bed in the initial position, breathe and relax the body.

What are its benefits?

The benefits of performing the posture of the cobra are multiple:

Strengthens the bone system

Because it will give mobility to the spine. Stretching the posture will release the vertebrae from tension and strengthen the lower back.
The spine is the central axis of the body which releases tension with the cobra and stretch.

The muscular system will increase its volume

The cobra makes the anterior chain of the body more flexible. In addition, it strengthens the muscles of the back and helps reduce cervical tension caused by stress.
Stress, poor posture or accumulated stress will make your back feel stiff. Therefore, relax and do not stress: your back will thank you. The cobra releases tensions and calms the thoughts that disturb you.

The cobra increases blood circulation

It compresses the blood vessels of the lumbar and cervical area. Also, when performing this position, the blood will flow optimally and stimulate the nerve filaments of the cervical and lumbar area.

Strengthens the thoracic cage and lung capacity

This posture stimulates the compression of the kidneys and adrenal organs. When contracting the pelvis, the kidneys will work without problems. In addition, with the pressure on the back and buttocks, the lower back will be strengthened.
Your stretch is deep because when you breathe you will fill your lungs with oxygen. Also, with the posture of the cobra the stress will decrease, you just have to relax and enjoy the yoga class.


It is not recommended to perform this position if you suffer the following ailments:
  • Back injury
  • Headache
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pregnancy

The cobra strengthens your body and helps control the mind. With this posture of the cobra you will feel vitality and you will give well-being to your body.

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