Yogas for headache relief: 3 Yogas for headache

Yogas for headache relief: get relief from headaches by practicing yoga

Yogas for headache relief: 3 Yogas for headache

Headaches: any types of headaches may be hyper-tension, migraine or any other kind of headaches are produced by acquiring bad postures throughout the day and by the accumulated tension in some parts of the body. Yoga can help us relax and unlock our body to make us feel better.

Headache is a condition that can appear at any time and to anyone, as it is one of the most common discomforts and can be caused by numerous causes. 
In addition, depending on the degree of intensity, it can prevent us from functioning normally the day we suffer.

It is true that we can buy in the pharmacy a wide variety of products that can help us to eliminate headaches, but we can also try to cope with them in other ways. For example, performing certain yoga poses.


It is called the position of the child or embryo because it reminds of the position that a baby adopts in the womb, and it is considered a posture of high relaxation because the spine is able to flex 110º, providing a counter-stretch to the body. 
With this posture we are stretching the lumbar vertebrae, reducing fatigue, helping to relax the feet and promoting a position against stress and fatigue. However, it is a position that is not indicated for pregnant women or in the case of having a knee injury.

To perform it we must place our knees on the floor, in a position where the heels are under our buttocks, sitting on them. The thumbs of the foot are together and in parallel and the knees are separated to the width of the hip. 
On both sides of the body are our arms, relaxed and backward; The hands reach the height of the feet and look like these: face up. Remember that when you join you must be careful and make the change of posture slowly to control the possibility of dizziness.

This posture is easy to achieve and, since it is so practical to relax your back, it is usually used as part of the relaxation once the yoga session is finished.


It is the great posture of yoga to avoid the headache: it is considered a brake on anxiety that oxygenates the mind and ends the bad mood. 
It reduces fatigue, stimulates digestion and relieves constipation. It improves the blood flow of the brain and decongests the abdominal organs.

To perform this posture we must start standing, in Tadasana: with the straight figure and the feet on the ground perched in parallel. We separate the legs more than a meter, taking a lateral step, and with the toes slightly forward, we move the heels out. 
Now, lean forward while you exhale, and inspire with your hips at an angle of 90º. Stretch, lowering the head and relaxing the neck. On the floor, breathe posing the palms of the hands in front of the feet. If possible, bring the crown to the ground.


With this posture we are helping to clear the mind because it enters into a balance that makes us stay focused while also loosening joints. In addition, it is highly recommended to help alleviate the symptoms of the premenstrual period.

Lie on the floor and place something under your body, a cushion or blankets will work. Join the soles of the feet and keep the knees and arms open. In this way, the body is suspended in the cushion and its weight seeks a balance, leaving itself.

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